Saturday, January 29, 2011

Julian Wolff, and the BSI of an earlier era

Just added at, my Friends of the Sherlock Holmes Collections Newsletter article of last month about “Julian Wolff and Still Waters,” with the kind permission of McDiarmid Curator Timothy Johnson and newsletter editor Julie McKuras.  In addition to what it has to say about Julian Wolff personally, I think more recent arrivals to the ranks of the BSI may be surprised to learn how succession occurred in an earlier era, even if Julian bears responsibility for how this has changed, and not to the BSI’s betterment.  The Sherlock Holmes Collections Newsletter is invaluable reading for all interested in the world of Sherlock Holmes, and if you don’t receive it already, contact the editor at

Coming soon at the website, something entirely new:  What happened to Sherlock Holmes when John Law came knocking at the door of Christ Cella's speakeasy in 1929!

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